Adult Counseling

In individual counseling, the client and counselor work together to clarify the client’s concerns and develop a plan to deal with the issues constructively. The specific approach taken in counseling is based on the unique situation of the particular client, but seeks to incorporate the client’s personal and spiritual strengths in the healing process.

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Child and Adolescent Counseling

We are committed to helping children, teens, and families walk through changes, difficult life events, and academic problems. We offer a variety of services including individual counseling, academic and educational assessment, family therapy, college and career counseling, and play therapy.

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Marital and Relationship Counseling

Several CPC staff members specialize in providing counseling services to couples who are experiencing distress in their relationship. Often this distress is experienced through feelings of distance or emptiness, feelings of discouragement or anger, or loss of interest in being affectionate or enjoying time spent together.

Our counselors help couples develop a plan to maintain their new direction and effectively manage future conflicts and stresses.

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Family Counseling

Family Counseling provides an opportunity for family members to discuss their concerns in a setting where they can honestly express their thoughts and feelings. Individuals are encouraged to work together to accomplish goals for the good of the family.

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