Thrive! Workshops for Individuals

thriveThese intensive workshops help individuals understand their unique stress signatures and vocational hazards. Through specially designed assignments and group interactions, the participants develop unique strategies to respond to pressures that prevent them from experiencing meaning and purpose. Each person will take individual assessments to discern his/her unique responses to stress and conflict. The goal of the workshop is to equip people to daily choose how to balance vocational demands and expectations of others.

The workshops are either one full day or four 2-hour biweekly groups. The size is limited to 15 people or less.

THRIVE! Workshops for Businesses

These workshops are done onsite with a team, and can be either three hours or six hours in length. Participants are taught how to recognize restorers and depletors that impact how they function as a team. The three-hour program focuses particularly on meaning and purpose, stress, and resilience.

The six-hour program includes individual assessments to help each person gain insight into his/her own responses to stress, as well as how others in their group respond. The goal of the workshop is to equip a team to operate productively, creating an atmosphere of support and “team”.

For more information about either program, please contact Leila Todd, LPC at