CPC offers hope and healing for men who have become ensnared in patterns of compulsive sexual behaviors such as inappropriate extramarital relationships, internet pornography, chat rooms, sexting, and frequenting sexually-oriented businesses.


The consequences of compulsive sexual behavior are emotional, spiritual, and physical. There is a progressive disconnection from a conscious connection to self, others, and God, resulting in a sense of debilitating shame and guilt as well as the deterioration of marital intimacy and trust. Through individual counseling, sexual addiction support groups, and group therapy, these individuals become better able to identify the core triggers for their acting-out and begin to make peace with their past, leading to a life of authenticity, honesty, and sexual integrity.

The spouses of those struggling with sexual addiction can feel alone, betrayed, confused, and marginalized. In an environment of compassion and understanding, CPC offers individual therapy for spouses to help them regain their sense of identity and purpose.

Group Support
Our recovery group therapy is designed to help men who have struggled with compulsive sexual behavior to further their recovery process by identifying the core traumas that trigger acting out behaviors, develop an ongoing plan for recovery, and learn to live with authenticity and sexual integrity.