The ECC is a very specific consultation appointment designed to address the needs of young children ages 2-6 that have not completed kindergarten. This particular appointment is separate from a traditional counseling appointment.

The ECC is a one-day visit involving parents and the child. Prior to this appointment input from teachers is included. The goal of this clinic is to provide an assessment in just one day, for young children experiencing social, emotional or behavioral distress.

During, this visit, Dr. Lori Keith and Dr. Marlo Zarzaur, work together using a team approach with your child to conduct a developmental assessment. During this process, cognitive, language, motor, social and emotional functioning are assessed.

At the end of the day, parents are presented with a written plan that includes the identification of core issues as well as a step-by-step plan outlining recommendations for next steps. The goal of this process is to provide a hands-on road map for action steps toward early intervention.

The Unique Process of the Early Childhood Clinic:

  • Assessment and results in ONE DAY
  • TEAM APPROACH with the expertise of two clinicians
  • PARTNERSHIP with parents and teachers

Dr. Lori Keith and Dr. Marlo Zarzaur are child-adolescent practitioners at Christian Psychological Center. Both have extensive expertise working with children in schools and clinical settings. Their unique combination of academic knowledge and practical expertise has paved the way for them to create this unique assessment process addressing the growing needs of young children.

For more information or to schedule an Early Childhood Clinic appointment, please fill out the Early Childhood Clinic Intake Form or call Ginger at 901-458-6291.