Day and Boarding Schools

Some parents are looking for educational alternatives to a traditional public school to more optimally address a particular academic profile or learning needs, or simply to provide a smaller and more nurturing school setting. We help parents navigate this selection process by providing guidance, expertise, and perspective about their school choices.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

For children and adolescents in crisis, CPC offers advice about appropriate therapeutic placements, including residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, and wilderness programs that can address a student’s behavioral and emotional needs.

Special Needs Programs

Students frustrated by learning or attentional deficits may need specialized academic support services in order to realize their full potential. The appropriate academic “fit” and focus on a student’s individual needs can lead to improved self-esteem and success in school.

College Selection

CPC’s college counseling program provides families with answers to the many questions and challenges that arise during the transition from secondary school to post-secondary settings. We offer assistance during the entire process of selecting and applying to colleges where a student is most likely to have a successful experience.

Young Adult Placement

Many young adults experience difficulty with the transition to college or young adulthood, and are the latest parental challenge, referred to as “failure to launch” individuals. Whether the struggles are due to substance abuse, anxiety, depression, academic failure, emotional immaturity, or development delay, we offer guidance and encouragement to young adults as they seek a better path toward a healthy and productive future.