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In individual counseling, the client and counselor work together to clarify the client’s concerns and develop a plan to deal with these issues constructively. We offer individual counseling for adults, adolescents, and children.

Eating Disorders

We offer both individual and group psychotherapy for women, men, and children suffering with Compulsive Over-eating, Bulimia, Anorexia, and other forms of disordered eating. Depending on an individual’s unique needs, we work with medical and nutritional professionals and we consider a client’s relationship with God as paramount in his or her ultimate healing.

Compulsive Sexual Behavior and Restoration

We offer hope and healing for men who have become ensnared in patterns such as internet pornography, infidelity, frequenting sexually-oriented businesses, etc. We also offer individual and group therapy for spouses as a way to understand what is happening and to gain important skills for themselves.

Attention Deficit Evaluation and Support

This is listed under Adults on the website, but the description is children-specific. Need to ask if this should be here or not.

Trauma Recovery/EMDREMDR

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing is a form of therapy used to treat the effects of acute or chronic psychological trauma. The goal of EMDR is to bring about emotional healing by using bilateral stimulation (eye movements, taps, or tones) to clear out dysfunctionally stored material and negative core beliefs about self. EMDR may be an appropriate treatment for individuals who have experienced childhood physical, sexual, or emotional abuse; childhood neglect and lack of attachment; crime or domestic violence; military combat; sudden death or loss; phobias; depression; anxiety; and low self-esteem.


Child/Adolescent Services

Attention Deficit Evaluation and Support

Successful treatment requires accurate identification of the reason a child is struggling with difficulty maintaining attention. At CPC we have developed an extensive battery of testing based on current psychological research of ADD/ADHD in order to successfully identify the cause of a child’s attention problems. We also offer instruction and support with parenting strategies that have been proven to increase success in parenting these children with ADD/ADHD.

Psycho-Educational Evaluation

Assessment services for children and adolescents are offered to answer specific diagnostic questions or to gain greater understanding of their functioning. We utilize psycho-educational testing when a child or adolescent is experiencing academic and/or behavioral problems. Testing focuses on the youth’s intellectual and learning capabilities, as well as his/her behavioral and emotional functioning. The assessment can determine the presence of learning disabilities or other problems that may be compromising academic achievement and can provide solutions for resolving them as well.

Learning Style Assessment

For teachers one of the biggest challenges comes to assessing what students know and then providing equal opportunity to help the child succeed. We are able to provide students the opportunity to take a learning style inventory that equips them, their parents, and the school with an understanding of their own personal style for learning.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a theoretical approach that uses play for the treatment of emotional problems. Play therapy is especially indicated for children and others who may not have the language capacity to process feelings and experiences verbally. At CPC, we use toys, art, books, and other imaginative activities in a structured way to further therapeutic goals for children, adolescents, and some adults.


Educational Planning and Consultation

Day and Boarding School

Some parents are looking for educational alternatives to a traditional public school to more optimally address a particular academic or learning need, or simply provide a smaller and more nurturing setting. We help parents consider the factors that might affect this decision and what the available options are.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

For children and adolescents in crisis, the CPC offers advice about appropriate therapeutic placements, including residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, and wilderness programs that can address a student’s behavioral and emotional needs.

Special Needs Programs

Students frustrated by learning or attention deficits may need specialized academic support services in order to realize their potential. The appropriate academic “fit” and focus on a student’s individual needs can lead to improved self-esteem and success in school.

College Selection

CPC’s college counseling program provides families with answers to the many questions and challenges that arise during the transition from secondary school to post-secondary settings. We offer assistance during the entire process of selecting and applying to colleges where a student is most likely to have a successful experience.

Academic Preparedness

Academic Aces is a 6-week educational seminar for students of high school age or older. Sessions last for 1.5 hours each week and incorporate lectures, discussion, and in-session experiences designed to teach students techniques to help them succeed in high school and college. This seminar is especially helpful for students concerned about navigating the increasingly competitive arena of college admissions and managing the demands of high school and college. The seminar is also beneficial for those students with learning disabilities or ADHD.


Vocational Counseling and Career Development

Career Counseling

The more in-tune an individual is with who they are, what they like to do, and what comes to them naturally, the easier it will be to navigate the process of career and major choice. CPC offers two forms of career counseling to help individuals select a major or a career.

Vocational Therapy/Assessment

Vocational therapy at CPC is intended to help adults who are out of school learn more about their interests and abilities. This form of therapy often encompasses in-depth discussions of education and work history, career aspirations, and brief assessment.

College and Career Evaluation

Selecting a major or a career can be a daunting task. CPC’s College and Career Evaluation will explore abilities, intelligence, personality, interests, and values. This information will then be used to generate a list of compatible career options.


Relationship and Family Counseling

Whether for a couple or multiple family members, Family Counseling provides an opportunity for participants to discuss their concerns in a setting in which they can honestly express their thoughts and feelings.

Relationship Counseling

The initial focus of marital therapy is to assist the couple in identifying the events or patterns that contribute to the conflict or distance they are experiencing. Next, the emphasis is on helping the couple more constructively address concerns and develop skills to establish more satisfying patterns in their marriage. The final stage of marriage counseling involves helping couples develop a plan to maintain their new direction and effectively manage future conflicts and stresses.

Family Counseling

Individuals are encouraged to work together to accomplish goals for the good of the family. Family members are encouraged to look at their role in the family’s functioning and respond differently. The shift in one’s perspective and/or behavior may prompt further changes which allow their family members to change—with the entire family functioning more effectively over time.


Group Therapy

Group Therapy services are offered alongside or apart from individual counseling. Groups are led by trained therapists and meet weekly—some are ongoing and others run in 4-5 week intervals.


Women in the workforce face many challenges as they juggle multiple personal and professional roles, responsibilities, and interests. THRIVE is a seminar that focuses on identifying the sources of stress, its impact on our outlook and mood, the importance of good relationships, and how financial pressures and conflicts often create intense stress and chaos. Following the free seminar, women have the chance to enroll in a four-session workshop led by the CPC. These sessions will explore the topics covered in the THRIVE seminar in more depth.

Sexual Addiction Restoration

Our Restoration groups help men struggling with compulsive sexual behavior to identify the causes, develop a plan for recovery, make peace with the past and learn to live their lives with integrity.

Divorce Recovery

In partnership with Second Presbyterian Church, this ministry combines the professional expertise and caregiving to facilitate healthy divorce recovery by giving encouragement and direction for a new beginning and a hope-filled future. The program features sessions on the topics of self-image, single parenting, relating to a former spouse, and more.

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Professional Development

In addition to individual counseling, the Christian Psychological Center offers services to meet community-based needs for education, consultation, and training. We provide professional development for educators; church and ministry leadership; and organizations.

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Professional Development for Educators

The Christian Psychological Center is intentional in providing workshops and services that allow the educator and school to grow professionally. We offer yearly workshops at the Center led by our staff, and can also come to your own facility, in accordance with your needs. Topics include but are not limited to Effective Discipline in the Classroom; Communicating with Parents; Parent-Teacher Conferences; Healthy Teachers Personally and Professionally; and Testing and Learning Styles. We also provide a newsletter via email twice a year.

Professional Development for Church and Ministry Leadership

At the CPC we seek to utilize the expertise of our staff to train and equip those involved in various agencies and ministries to be even more effective in dealing with mental health issues that they encounter with the people whom they serve. Training and consultation primarily with church and parachurch ministries have focused on areas such as developing basic counseling and crisis intervention skills; working with victims of violence and trauma; developing self-care strategies to deal effectively with the common stresses of pastoral and urban ministry; conflict and anger management; grief support; and assisting faith-based organizations in program development. We also provide counseling services for those involved in pastoral or urban ministry to assist them in dealing with the stresses encountered in their work and any personal or relation problems they have as well.

Professional Development for Organizations

We also offer consultation and group facilitation for organizations in need of help managing team dynamics, personality conflicts, and challenges with communication. Group discussion, group interaction and experiences, and brief exploration of personality as it relates to the world of work are among the tools used for consultation and facilitation. Because each organization’s needs are different, services are tailored to address the concerns raised by the organization.



Workshops and Seminars (Page 3)CPC staff are available to speak at seminars and conferences for your organization. You may contact one of our therapists directly to inquire about scheduling, or leave a message with our office to have someone contact you. In your message, please provide the specifics about your event’s dates, topics, and size of venue.

Please see our schedule of events to view our upcoming workshops and seminars.

Much of the community outreach work that we do is made possible through the generous donations of others. Find out more about helping CPC continue to provide services like these.

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To make an appointment with our office, please call us at (901) 458-6291. New clients will be referred to our intake coordinator to schedule an appointment; do an initial review of any applicable insurance information; and answer any questions you may have.

Patient Forms

To better serve your needs, please bring the applicable forms listed below, along with your insurance card(s), to your initial appointment. (These forms should also be completed to update any change in information for existing clients or to update records for clients not seen in the past six months.)

The appropriate forms may be accessed by simply clicking on the appropriate form name(s) below. Please complete the forms and bring them with you to your appointment; please also obtain any required insurance approval or authorizations prior to your visit.

New Patient Intake Form

Adult Background Information (All Clients Age 17 and Older)
Child and Adolescent History (All Clients Age 16 and Under)


The information below is for your records only:
CPC Practice Policies
Patient Notification of Privacy Rights

If you are unable to access these files, send us an e-mail with a request for the forms to be mailed or faxed to you. For any additional information, please call us at (901) 458-6291.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover your services?
Prior to making your initial appointment with our office, we recommend you call your health insurance provider to check on your outpatient mental health benefits and in-network participating providers. If our counselors are out-of-network, your policy may offer out-of-network benefits at a different level of payment.

Are we open on weekends and evenings?
We are not open on weekends. Our normal office hours are Monday – Friday (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM); however, some counselors are available for earlier morning or later evening appointments.

What kinds of therapy do we offer?
Our counselors have different areas of expertise with their own individual style of counseling. Please see our “Staff Page” for additional information about each individual counselor.