Jon TinniswoodJon started at CPC in January of 2019 and brings a diverse set of professional skills to the center.  He has been intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).  He has practiced comprehensive DBT therapy for nearly 3 years at Daybreak Treatment Center.  He practiced under the supervision of Dr. Del Conte (Linehan Board Certified DBT Clinician), and also consulted directly with DBT expert Cedar Koons for training and certification preparation.

He has also worked in the field for nearly 16 years in four different states (Oregon, Colorado, Mississippi, and Tennessee), treating adults and adolescents struggling with substance abuse, trauma, severe mental illness, teen pregnancy, adoption, foster care, divorce issues, severe anxiety, OCD and Depression.  Jon is also highly competent in family therapy, and group therapy.  He brings a unique ability to CPC to work with an entire family (including high conflict divorce situations).

On a personal note, Jon enjoys a variety of hobbies, ministry projects, and interests.  He is on the board of directors for a non-profit he founded (Equal Opportunity through Sports).  This is an inner city soccer outreach where he helps coach and mentor young people.  Jon also loves going out to eat (he believes Memphis has the best food of any place he has lived!) with his wife and traveling with her (she proudly admits that she converted him to a world traveler).  Jon cherishes his family time, including coaching his two boys in soccer, and going on family hiking trips.